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The "future food declaration" is fresh out of the oven

The world's future food summit issued the strongest voice: "Zhangzhou declaration for future food" is coming out.
In May 31st, at the global forum for the future food summit, participants discussed and adopted the "future food Zhangzhou declaration" to reach a consensus on the following challenges: the food industry needs innovative and multi cooperative development models to supply human safety and health. Providing guarantee for food and sustainable development; obtaining adequate, safe and nutritious food is an important part of the human quality of life; appeals to all parties concerned with the sustainable development of the future food, seize the opportunity, cooperate with each other, create multi win and achieve the goal of sustainable development.
The participants shared the view that the cooperation between the government departments concerned, food enterprises and academic institutions should be further strengthened, the integration of production, research and research should be strengthened to provide solutions for the challenges facing the future food, and the integration of the relevant industrial policies, production methods and inspection standards in the future of food should be strengthened, and a complete set of integration was established. Healthy and safe future food production system; increase investment in the field of innovative knowledge and science and technology, continuously improve the production capacity and efficiency of the food industry, reduce the consumption of food raw materials, and increase the regenerative rate of the by-products; pay attention to the cultivation of public health food awareness, and strengthen the professional professionals in the industry. Training to achieve a benign interaction and promote the sustainable development of the future food industry; grasp the age of the big data, fully integrate and use the existing information to provide a global solution for the prosperity and development of the future food, change the traditional single development model, make full use of their respective advantages, coordinate and optimize the food industry for the future. Catenary; market oriented, market oriented, diversified future food supply, and different demand for different consumer groups (such as children, old people and special healthy people), providing all kinds of functional food, taking advantage of the rich agricultural products and food industry in Zhangzhou as an opportunity to meet the global future of food Summit Forum is the platform for further prosperity and cooperation and development of food industry in the future.